Creative Movement


"Development Through Creative Movement" For Teachers, Trainers, Mentors, HR professionals, Counselors etc.. (A foundation level learning program for moving onto Dance Movement Therapy).

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What is Creative Movement?

Creative Movement Program - The way you move.. is the way you live..!

  • Understand the Art & Science of Creative Movement
  • Enable you to have Higher Levels of Learning Retention
  • Helps Enhance Individual's Confidence and Concentration Levels
  • Will Enable you to have Higher Level of Body and Mind Awareness
  • Having an Action Plan Work Based on Creative Movement for Enhance Productivity and Efficiency
  • 3,564 Certified
  • 4.6 (3236 Rating)
  • 236 Reviews

Program Details:

  • Virtual Workshop :
  • Assessment :
  • Guided Theory Acquisition :
  • Certificate Distribution :
  • Next Certification Commencement :
  • Assignment Completion :
  • Practical Implementation :
Tilottama is certified in Creative Movement Therapy/Dance Movement Therapy from UNO & CMTAI..
Tilottama Dutta
Creative Movement Therapist
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Benefits of Endorphin Courses/Certifications/Training:

  • Practical approach for implementation of the subject matter
  • Hand-holding available for longer time
  • Repeat full training as many times as wanted/ required
  • University Certification available - enquiry about the certification of the program chosen by you with the program manager
  • Special highlight for Endorphin certified candidates on the platform
  • Inputs for establishing your practice
  • Guidance on finding worthwhile employment
  • Displaying your profile on our website on ‚ÄúCertified Professionals‚ÄĚ page
  • Unique verification system with certificate number on website
  • Support for authentication of your skills acquired with endorphin through mails/ calls
  • Easy maintenance of certification
  • Online exam at convenient time
  • Internship opportunities

Types of Creative Movement