Creative Movement Therapy


"Development Through Creative Movement" For Teachers, Trainers, Mentors, HR professionals, Counselors etc.. (A foundation level learning program for moving onto Dance Movement Therapy).

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Endorphin creative movement course is a part of Art Therapies section and is derived from Dance Movement Therapy.

It makes use of natural human expressive movements. Creative movement uses dance like movements of body. It also includes expressions and drama.

These are powerful imaginative tools that can be used to help clients to form a positive image of themselves and build healthy self-identities. It also serves as a wonderful way for children to work on their self-awareness and self-esteem while being physically active. Creative movements require heads, hearts, and hands to work in sync. The movements are to be coordinated with what the child is trying to express while ensuring balance. This process helps to exercise the brain as it works out the complexity of combining both the dexterity and the emotive language of the movements.

Benefits of Creative Movement Therapy:

  • Self-Confidence : Humans are visual animals. The way we see ourselves affects the way we feel about ourselves. Our body is the primary cue for us to connect to our surrounding. It is also a great medium of expression. More proficient we feel in using it, more confident we are about ourselves.
  • Imagination : Imagination is the key to expression. It develops abilities of interpreting the routine things and events in a new perspective. Use of new ideas immensely benefit the health of our mind and thereby improves quality of life.
  • Redressal of Subconscious Iissues : Expression is cathartic. A lot of suppressed emotions add to inappropriate behavioral issues. By working on systematic release of those emotions helps in correction of those issues.
  • Concentration : Improved kinesthetic intelligence adds to development of a sustained focus of mind and body. This is enormously helpful in learning anything including new behavior.
  • With the above benefits, Creative Movement is used with children and hence is stated as the inner state or inner nature of child. It is a joyful way of exploring movements with the help of music.
  • Creative movement is also used as a learning methodology and a therapy approach where it is a set of objective driven activities through which clients explore movement for the purpose of developing skills, building efficacy, or stimulating imagination with the intent of communicating knowledge of facts, concepts, principles, ideas, and/or feelings.

What is Creative Movement Therapy?

Creative Movement Program - The way you move.. is the way you live..!

  • Understand the Art & Science of Creative Movement
  • Enable you to have Higher Levels of Learning Retention
  • Helps Enhance Individual's Confidence and Concentration Levels
  • Will Enable you to have Higher Level of Body and Mind Awareness
  • Having an Action Plan Work Based on Creative Movement for Enhance Productivity and Efficiency
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Program Details:

  • Assessment :
  • Guided Theory Acquisition :
  • Certificate Distribution :
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  • Assignment Completion :
  • Practical Implementation :
Endorphin qualified trainers with a minimum experience of 10 years in the feild

Benefits of Endorphin Courses/Certifications/Training:

  • Practical approach for implementation of the subject matter
  • Hand-holding available for longer time
  • Repeat full training as many times as required
  • University Certification available - enquire about the certification of the program chosen by you with the program manager
  • Special highlight for Endorphin certified candidates on the platform
  • Inputs for establishing your practice
  • Guidance on finding worthwhile employment
  • Displaying your profile on our website on “Certified Professionals” page
  • Unique verification system with certificate number on website
  • Support for authentication of your skills acquired with endorphin through mails/ calls
  • Easy maintenance of certification
  • Online exam at convenient time
  • Internship opportunities

Types of Creative Movement

Highlights of the Program

  • Weekend Batches
  • Time-tested and scientifically-backed strategies
  • Practical experience of application in demo sessions
  • Lot of practises through assignments and interactions
  • Become a certified practitioner