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Certified Professionals

Anuradha Khot (CCBTP – L1)

Anuradha Khot is a Freelance Hospitality trainer & Housekeeping consultant.

Dr. Mahesh Verma (CCBTP – L1)

Dr. Mahesh is an eLearning expert and a technology entrepreneur.

Tamanna Naik (CCBTP – L1)

Tamanna is a soft skills trainer. She has an experience of working with large organisations like Accenture and others.

Amit Chilka (CCBTP – L1)

Amit is a consummate professional with engineering background and Human Resource experience.

Kalpana Patwardhan (Educational Mentor)

Kalpana is a psychologist who has a proven track record as she is among the top students in the University of Pune.

Neelkanth Mehta (CCBTP – L1)

Neelkanth is the head of the Customer Care department at Technova and has a close connection with CBT practice.

Prigi Benger (CCBTP – L1)

Prigi is an O.D. professional with Technova India and displays excellent professional skills.

Bageshree Dongre (CCBTP – L1)

Bageshree is an H.R. & O.D. professional. She has been in the training for last few years.

Zia Alam (CCBTP – L1)

Zia is educated in economics and MBA HRD. He is a founder and director with Whiteboard consulting.

Abhay Kasture (CCBTP – L1)

As a head of marketing dept., Abhay has a rich variety of experience and deals with people management.

Somnath Sanganeria (CCBTP – L1)

Somnath has a vast experience in training and he is a co-founder of Whiteboard Consulting.

Ameya Deshpande (Educational Mentor)

Ameya works extensively with college students in his role of a faculty.

Sukanya Biswas (CCBTP – L1)

A psychologist with a flair for counseling! She has been handling Career counseling for multiple years.

Rhujuta Belsare (CCBTP – L1)

She has completed her M.Sc. (Electronics) from Ferguson College and MBA (HR) from Pune University.

Shalini Prakash (CCBTP – L1)

Shalini is a Psychlogy student with a great mount of interest in Cognitive Behaviour.

Anna Sebastian (CCBTP – L1)

A Research professional with an interest in Cognitive Behavior.

Annie Daniel (CCBTP – L1)

Annie Daniel is a junior college teacher with 27+ years of experience and is basically interested.

Sukanya Biswas
Sukanya Biswas

Sukanya Biswas is Highly skilled and dedicated mental health professional.

Yati Shah
Yati Shah

Yati has a rich experience of 15 years of working in various special areas.

Ashish Nanoty
Ashish Nanoty

After a short work experience with teams of Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing..