Marriage Counselling

This course is designed for those who want to understand relationship in marriage and enhance the key points in order to improve quality of relationship between two married individuals. This is also useful for couple committed in live-in relationship, people in same sex marriage or simply a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

One may learn it for their own betterment or become a marriage counselor.

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What is Marriage Counselling?

Marriage Counselling is a subset of relationship counselling which majorly focuses on couples.

It is a kind of psychotherapy that helps resolve conflicts between couples and improves their relationship. It is often offered by family and marriage therapists to enable a couple to make decisions about rebuilding their relationship or going their own separate ways.

In this counsellor acts as mediator between the couple.

It involves many tasks like counselling process, outcome, supervision and training. After completion of this course one can acquire skills to become a counsellor and can help various kinds of clients having marital issues or conflicts.

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  • Counselling and its importance in marriage
  • Understanding Human development
  • Understanding of relationship-types and type of families
  • What is the role of family in the marriage
  • What is affecting romantic attachment
  • Identification and resolution of conflict
  • Techniques to be used in sessions
  • Different types of approaches to handle relationship counseling
  • You will be able to do pre-marital counseling, self-introspection
  • Type of attachments
  • Understanding of separation anxiety and the needs of the couple
  • Understanding the role of a child in a relationship
  • Understanding the techniques and therapies
  • How to write a report, and case study
  • What is Emotional Intelligence and what role it plays in a relationship
  • Knowledge of Human transaction
  • Introduction to NLP techniques and how to use NLP techniques for relationship
  • What is Gottman method and how to implement it
  • You will l have fare practice of Building love maps and Managing conflict
  • How to nurture fondness and admiration in the relationship
  • Implementing transactional analysis in relationship
  • Is Mars and Venus technique useful
  • Win-win Negotiations
  • Practical approach for implementation of the subject matter
  • Hand-holding available for longer time
  • Repeat full training as many times as required
  • University Certification available - enquire about the certification of the program chosen by you with the program manager
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  • Inputs for establishing your practice
  • Guidance on finding worthwhile employment
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  • Easy maintenance of certification
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  • Internship opportunities
Basic - Level 1
  • Anyone who is planning to be in relationship or is already in relationship
  • 2 Weeks
Marriage Counselling - Level 2
  • Anyone who is currently a counsellor, aspiring counsellor or people with marital disharmony
  • 7 Weeks
Advanced Certificate in Relationship Counselling - Level 3
  • For Counsellors, Trainers, People Managers, Coaches, HR Professionals
  • 7 Weeks
  • Instruction Pattern: Endorphin Instruction Design
  • Who should consider: Any Graduate
  • Certification Provider: State Govt University S&CC