Delivery Partnership Models

Delivery Partnership Models

Real Fulfillment is not in Learning the Skill but in Putting it in Practice!

Endorphin Corporation is a mission first and a business later. Our aim is to bring more people in the fold of awareness of applied behavior sciences to achieve betterment in the quality of human life. This is done through –

Developmental Wellbeing : Parenting Programs, Emotional Awareness, Kids Performance Enhancement

Emotional Wellbeing : Increasing Self-esteem, removing emotional malfunctioning

Mental Wellbeing : Removing Cognitive Biases, Improving Cognitive Performance

Financial Wellbeing : Making more people infused with self-confidence, reduce emotional decision making, promote informed decision making and enrich healthy living

Do you feel that you have a potential to contribute in behavior science? Do you feel that you can help people around you in a better way? Has guidance been your passion? Have people been coming to you and taking your advice for their life? Would you like to explore or extend the innate qualities in you and make it your profession?

Endorphin Corporation Delivery Partnership Models are about delivering Endorphin Corporation Services and Endorphin Corporation products to the people. This includes training services, certification services, marketing services, counseling services and products.

There are multiple ways in which you can partner with Endorphin Corporation and start your earning quickly.


Geography : This is a business term. It's an area of business defined by Endorphin Corporation marketing team. Generally a state.

Region : A set of culturally similar states. Indian regions could be identified as - South, North, North-East, West etc.

Endorphin Corporation Associate

Qualification : A short training of induction & business progression is offered. Sells all products including Certifications, Counseling & Hard products.

Investment : Initial minimum investment of Rs. 3500.

Responsibility/ Rights : Works in MLM arrangement. Pays joining fee. Gets more people in Endorphin Corporation Mission. Earns commission on business brought for Endorphin Corporation.

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Remuneration Structure

Endorphin Corporation follows a simple commission structure with three lines. It is a must that this person enrolls under MLM scheme –

  • a) Line One – This is the first down link that you create. This person is directly brought by you in Endorphin Corporation Community. You earn 40% on the (training product) billing you made
  • b) Line Two – This is the person brought by your Line One. You earn 15% on the (training product) billing they made.
  • C) Line Three – This is the person brought by your Line Two. You earn 5% on the (training product) billing they made.

What you will receive..?

  • Marketing Training for Free
  • Certain Consumables (Please see the ‘Products’ Section)
  • Certain Transferable

Endorphin Corporation Clan

(This is a group of people with common technique – CBT, NLP, TA etc.)

Qualification : Any professional qualified in the respective area of counseling/ therapy/ discipline and approved by Endorphin Corporation OR Completed minimum 1 single-module course with Endorphin Corporation.

There are Multiple Clan Members in One City

Investment : Initial minimum investment of Rs. 5000. (Free for Endorphin Corporation Qualifications)

Receives : Enrollment with Maarg platform, Counseling Enquiries from Endorphin Corporation. Earns Major share from counseling.

Follows these Steps -

  • 1. Choose your modality
  • 2. Learn well
  • 3. Become Evangelist and promote technique
  • 4. Enjoy robust support from Endorphin Corporation
  • 5. Earn freebies as you go forward with your further learning to become expert!
  • 6. Get access to Endorphin Corporation Clan Members
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Endorphin Corporation Tribe

(This is a group of people with common subject – Stress, Anxiety etc.)

Qualification : Completed minimum 1 specialization (like stress, Cognitive Therapy Specialization, Integrative Psychotherapy, Child Development Specialist, etc) course. Has min 3 member team (Note: Once enrolled, we will make all the three to be masters of at-least one topic through a chosen multi-module program).

There will be only one Tribe in one city. Conducts business in one geography.

Investment : Initial minimum investment of Rs. 10000. (Free for Endorphin Corporation Qualifications)

Receives : Training in business, Continuous Guidance on business & products, acts as an extended team of Endorphin Corporation.

Follows these Steps -

  • 1. Choose your topic
  • 2. Choose the City
  • 3. Learn well
  • 4. Become Evangelist and promote technique
  • 5. Enjoy robust support from Endorphin Corporation
  • 6. Earn freebies as you go forward with your further learning to become expert!
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Endorphin Corporation Trainer

Qualification : You need to be a Triber for a minimum of 3 months. Have completed one multi-module program + Endorphin Corporation Trainer qualification (Endorphin Corporation Trainer qualification has an entry criterion of an assessment)

A trainer is naturally aligned to a region.

Investment : NA

Receives : Trainer’s Training, Mentoring, and Hand-holding for gradual autonomy.

Handles One Subject

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Add-On Services

(Offered to Delivery Partners)

Digital marketing services are a range of services offered to help businesses promote their products or services online. Some of the most common digital marketing services include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): optimizing websites to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: creating and managing paid advertising campaigns on search engines and social media platforms.
  • Social media marketing: managing social media profiles, creating and sharing content, and running paid ads on social media platforms.
  • Content marketing: creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain a specific audience.
  • Email marketing: creating and sending targeted emails to a subscriber list to promote products or services.

These services can be provided individually or as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. It's important to choose the services that align with your specific goals and budget.

Select services your interested in..!