Become a Certified Stress & Sleep Consultant

Sleeping trouble - For you? Your Babies? Your Clients?
Learn Sleep Science & Circadian Rhythm to manage sleep!!

Do you know around 90% health problems are attributed to Stress & Sleep Disorders? Are you passionate about improving people's well-being? Consider becoming a certified sleep consultant. Endorphin Corporation offers a comprehensive Govt. University certification program that equips you with the skills to help individuals achieve restful sleep, addressing both adult and baby sleep problems.

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Why Become a Certified Sleep Consultant?

Quality sleep is vital for physical and mental health, both for adults and babies. As a certified sleep consultant, you'll have the expertise to address sleep disorders in individuals of all ages and assist them in experiencing rejuvenating sleep. It's an opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives, from adults struggling with insomnia to parents seeking guidance for their baby's sleep challenges.

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Endorphin Corporation's program provides comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for both adult and baby sleep problems. You'll learn about sleep disorders in adults and infants, sleep hygiene for different age groups, assessment techniques specific to adults and babies, and effective intervention strategies tailored to each group. Real-life case studies and simulations enhance your learning experience, allowing you to gain practical expertise in addressing a wide range of sleep issues.

As a certified sleep consultant, you have several career paths to explore, specializing in both adult and baby sleep problems:

  • Private Practice: Start your own sleep consulting business, offering personalized sleep solutions to clients of all ages, from adults seeking better sleep to parents in need of guidance for their baby's sleep.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Collaborate with medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, or sleep centers to diagnose and treat sleep disorders in both adults and babies, working alongside a multidisciplinary team.
  • Corporate Wellness Programs: Partner with companies to improve employee sleep health and productivity through educational workshops and sleep management programs, providing expertise in adult sleep issues and assisting employees who are new parents.
  • Research and Education: Contribute to sleep research or become an educator, sharing your knowledge with aspiring sleep professionals and furthering the understanding of both adult and baby sleep problems.

Join our team at Endorphin Corporation and kick-start your career as a sleep consultant. Together, we can transform lives through better sleep.

  • Accredited and Recognized: Endorphin Corporation certification is widely recognized in the industry, showcasing your commitment to excellence in adult and baby sleep consulting.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The program covers various sleep disorders in adults and babies, ensuring you're equipped to meet diverse client needs and effectively address specific challenges at different stages of life.
  • Practical Training: Emphasis is placed on practical skills, enabling you to assess sleep patterns in adults and babies, create customized sleep plans for individuals of all ages, and deliver effective interventions that consider the unique needs of each group.
  • Ongoing Support: Endorphin Corporation provides ongoing resources, networking opportunities, and updates on the latest advancements in sleep science, including research and developments specifically related to adult and baby sleep problems.
  • Instruction Pattern: Endorphin Instruction Design
  • Who should Consider: Any Graduate
  • Our Trainers: Dr. Prashant S. Duraphe
  • Certification Provider: State Govt University