Endorphin Corporation

We believes in 'Limitless Human Potential'.

Endorphin is an organization founded for the passion of providing success assistance to every individual.
It wants to provide the best possible option to optimize individual potential. Endorphin is a team of highly motivated individuals who not only want to build a better business but want to make a better society. For any success, an integrated approach considering all the different contributors is required.
This may include working on an Individual behavior, understanding, value & belief system, knowing about the activity / business and the environment, management of an array of things like self, emotions, people, resources, funds, expectations, customers (internal & external), business and all allied activities.
This also demands awareness of self, surrounding and recent trends and management practices. We offer support in all these areas through experts in the relevant fields. All the individuals in the group come from the field of education and industry with practical experience. They have keenly observed the limitations and the flaws in the current system and found a right approach to counter the persisting problems.
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"To be a leader of human potential development technologies by using innovative means and thereby contribute to the creation of an orderly society."


"To instigate the culture of scientific temperament in the field of human potential appreciation through use of world class techniques in personal potential development."
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Who can Join?

  • psychology
  • psychiatrist
  • L & D professionals
  • Dr. in medicine
  • life coach
  • trainers
  • counselors
  • human resource
  • trainers
  • doctors

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