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Sheetal Ghadge, a Rehabilitation psychologist registered with Rehabilitation Council of India from Pune.

She has 15+ years experience in the field of Learning Disabilities in terms of identification, diagnosis & interventions.

Currently she serves as Director, Pune Inclusive Education Society instituted with an aim of bringing reformation in the schooling, teaching and learning in India.

She started her career with one of the renowned NGOs in Pune, which has pioneered the work of providing remedial interventions on Learning Disabilities.

Trainer Skills:

Sleep Disorders 95%
Autism Spectrum Disorders 85%
Mental Retardation 88%
Children with Special Needs 75%

She has trained more than 2,000 teachers from all over India. Has conducted and organized orientation & Training programs on Specific Learning Disabilities in more than 50 private & govt. institutions.

She has authored research articles in renowned journals and contributed to a book Overcoming Learning Disorders written by Dr. Anjali Morris & Brig. Sarkar, penned poems in Hindi and Marathi.

With her experience and unique skills has created and evolved informal assessment tools to identify the Learning Disabilities in vernacular medium school i.e Marathi schools and involved in pro bono educational services for the needy.