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Ms. Priya Gajamer is the Co-Founder of Corp Mantra Academy and has over 25 years of diversified and extensive global corporate experience.

Since March 2020, her highly effective and engaging Experiential Learning Programs have resulted in over 4000 hours of Virtual Trainer-led Online Sessions, earning her wonderful accolades from her trainees and clients. She specializes in over 100 themes of OB/OD/OC (Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, and Organizational Culture), Leadership Programs, Communication Skills, Soft Skills, PoSH & POCSO, and the Basics of Playback Theater, thanks to her extensive global corporate work experience.

She has been conducting effective programs on the topic of NLP and Applied NLP since 2019. In addition, the NLP derivatives and Applied NLP have added significant value to her well-crafted corporate programs. This enables her to bag repeat clientele across varied sectors, for training new hires to the CFOs.

Trainer Skills:

Motivational 95%
Autism Spectrum Disorders 85%
Mental Retardation 88%
Children with Special Needs 75%