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Pratima is very popular for her God Gift – a Gift of Healing.!

With M Sc in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Pratima is a combination of clinical and educational specializations. Through her stint with Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune & KEM Hospital, Mumbai she got a great learning in various cases which she later implemented as an educator and a special educator in schools including City International School.

Though a trained Psychologist, she believes more in the power of nature to intervene in correcting our imbalances. By ways of Marma Therapy, she has helped hundreds of people in healing their bodily ailments or psychological problems. She also compliments it with flower therapy and balanced nutrition. She is formally trained in Neutrition and Diatatics. She offers Graphology and Graphotherapy to help identify the challenges in life which are otherwise not understood properly. Through meticulous examination of one’s handwriting she is capable of advising life changing improvements.

Trainer Skills:

Healing 95%
Autism Spectrum Disorders 85%
Mental Retardation 88%
Children with Special Needs 75%

As a special educator, she is able to unearth the dormant potential of every struggling child. Not many are gifted with the patience and insights into bringing children with challenges to the normal course of life. Her zeal to complete Montessori Teachers Training has contributed to this very important aspects of her competence.

Academic and Professional Certifications:
  • Bachelor of Home Science - Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Master of Science - Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Certificate Course in Play Therapy
  • Certificate Course in Bach Flower Therapy
  • Application Of Advance Remediation Techniques For Children With Learning Difficulties

Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling (PGDPC) Certificate Course in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics Montessori Teachers Training

About Marma Therapy

A Marma is like a house in which all the residents have their own rooms and tasks. All the Ayurvedic principles:

  • The three Doshas as bioregulators
  • The five elements
  • The metabolic energy Agni
  • The happiness and nutrient substance Ojas
  • The seven types of tissue Dhatus
  • The mental characteristics (Dattva, Rajas and Tamas)

- (Quote of Dr.Ernst Schrott et al)

So, it is the responsibility of all the individuals to unearth the hidden potential of Marma and sculpture the 'Marma Science' as a Diagnostic tool to predict the health condition of a person at all the three levels - Physical, Psychological and Spiritual.

SELF MARMA THERAPY SESSION (for protection n conservation of health, it's a branch of Vedic science with the potential to cure disease & bring relief from the pain)This therapy is very effective in maintaining good health, it takes 10-15 minutes daily practice. I've been spreading this knowledge, since last 3 years, treating Parkinson's, Cerebral palsy, sciatica, BP, Diabetes, Acidity/ indigestion, body pain, knee pain, upper & lower back issues, Thyroid.....

Graphology/ Handwriting Analysis:

It is a science of handwriting, it revels personality traits, attitude, health issues, your success, academic pattern. Now a days, people may say we don't write much due to computer, but my dear, you have options to choose fonts provided. Finally it can read your thoughts.