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Mr. Anand Phatak from Pune was introduced to Transactional Analysis 9 years ago. The curiosity and the inner need for change made him study TA for his own benefit.

After learning Transactional Analysis for himself he continued the studies in TA to become a Bernian Transactional Analyst, (BTA, 2-year course) and a certified trainer for the TA Basic course from Institute for Counselling and Transactional Analysis (ICTA), Kochi.

He is currently in the process of perusing Master’s in Transactional Analysis. TA has helped him gain awareness about the personal and professional challenges he faced.

He has been successful to overcome many of the challenges using TA tools and concepts. The journey to spiral his personal growth and change continues each moment.

Mr. Anand Phatak is a business coach and works closely with business owners to unleash their potential. His goal is to touch at least one human life a day unveiling the power of TA for their benefit.

Trainer Skills:

Transactional Analysis 95%
Autism Spectrum Disorders 85%
Mental Retardation 88%
Children with Special Needs 75%