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Sleeping Disorder Blog

Sleeping Disorders

I’m so tired but I’ll probably be awake until 3 am!

Do such thoughts frequently cross your mind at night? Does it feel like you haven’t slept since forever? Then you are at the right place. What you need to acquire knowledge of is commonly known as ‘Sleep disorder’. Sleep disorder is an increasing problem in today’s generation. They are perhaps the most overlooked, ignored & underrated cause of health and performance problems.

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CBT Blog

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

We have all been through phases in life when we think of giving up. Situations which make us feel like there is no way out. Life puts us in such position, that how much ever we try, everything still seems to go wrong. It may be different situations for different people, but one common thing in every human mind is receiving negative thoughts, when things don’t go our way. But we just want you to know that it is absolutely okay to feel that way!

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