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Ashish is a Stress Management Professional and senior adviser certified by International Stress Management Association. Ashish is a student of Brain Science for last 10 years equipped with latest advancements in the frontiers of Brain Research.He is also a Psychometrician, a Graphologist and a Master Trainer in NLP Certified by American Society of Neurolinguistic Psychology. He has contributed to the field of understanding of Brain Potential through his research papers in National Seminars and International Forums. Some of his research papers are in the public domain and can be accessed on the internet. He has trained about 250 individuals which include Indian and Non-Indian student fraternity.

Trainer Skills:

Stress Management 95%
Brain Mapping 85%
Psychometric Tests 70%
Emotional Intelligence Expert 65%
Neurobiology Tests 70%
Neurolinguistic Programing 75%
Neuroscience/ Brain Science 80%
Behavioral Training 65%
Career Counseling 70%
Career Mentoring 85%

A certified BRAIN MAPING Professional (Certified from U.K.), Ashish is more a Brain-Behavior Coach. His other certifications include Neuroeconomics (National Research Universoty, Moscow) and Consumer Neuroscience (Copenhagen Business School, Fredriksberg - Denmark). He founded Endorphin after 5 years of research in various areas related to behavior in corporate, social & personal setting. He has always been interested in response behavior of people. With his experience in market research and consumer behavior analysis; he is equipped to understand key complexities of the human behavior especially in the Social & Professional life. His experience through the years in training brings arresting ways of delivery. In the role of a business leader for training operations, he has devised unusual ways of imparting usual learning.

He firmly believes that an alert mind is capable of achieving success. Success encompasses various parameters and Soft Skills immensely contributes towards Personality and Excellence..

Training Philosophy:

His training philosophy breaks apart from the tradition and focuses on each individual’s ability to structure knowledge in a more effective manner. He also believes that learning abilities are embedded in behavior of an individual. Most of his trainings make effective use of this inner capacity of the trainees. For this he takes help of techniques relating to Psychology, Emotions as well as Thinking & Memory patterns.

Training Technique:

Ashish has developed unique method of training based on Multiple Intelligence Theory, Behaviorism, Myers-Briggs Personality Traits & Cognitivism. His training methodology on “Cognitive Neural Response Structuring” is based on Metaphorical Connectivity concept. This is a powerful tool in all aspects of trainings. His 2 days workshop on this is a unique experience & results in accelerated career growth for an individual & enhanced life satisfaction for entire human surroundings of a trainee.

He implements quantification methods even before starting his training on the subject. For this he uses Six Sigma Methodology with which he started experimenting little before his tenure with SEED Infotech Ltd.

Professional Experience:

He trained at different companies & institutions including Accenture, Infosys, POSCO, Thermax, Bank of America, Future Group (Associate Trainer), Zensar, Fiserv (Leader in US Financial Services IT Solutions Company), Chitkara University (Chandigarh), Bharati Vidyapeeth (PG Professional Courses), University of Pune (Foreign Students) & RIBM (all in Pune). He also worked as a principal consultant for Training Business for a few companies including, Birla Shloka & Kemark Technologies (IT, Mumbai), Saaya Intellicall (BPO), Amyo Technologies (IT) and Knowledge Horizon (Learning – UAE)

Ashish is professionally trained and/or certified in the area of Six Sigma.

Ashish Khandekar International workshop on “Self Excellence Beyond Boundaries” (Pune University 2009)