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Viktoriia Roshchyna


Viktoriia Roshchyna By Profession is a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist based in UAE and Russia. Focusing treatment for Autism, Speech and Language Disorders.

By using her unique method of Paper Art work, she helps children and adults to express themselves throughout creativity and develop oral motor skills. Developing a short and long term treatment plan, which is well monitored.

For the Past 8 years she has worked successfully reaching out to Schools, private sessions and seminars to build awareness for Speech Language Disorder.

Over the years, she has worked with schools, early intervention centers, and private clients. She has treated infants, toddlers, preschool and school-aged children. She has 8 years of experience working with individuals with special needs.

She has extensive experience working with children who have learning disabilities, articulation disorders, phonological disorders, dyslexia, motor speech disorders (including apraxia and dysarthria), genetic syndromes, neurological disorders, ASD, social pragmatic disorders.

Her mission is to share a wealth of knowledge and expertise with you, in your environment, and to ensure the highest quality care for children with speech, language, cognitive and voice disorders.

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