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Certified Stress Management Courses

Stress Management Courses in India

Stress Management Courses


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What is Stress Management Courses?

How Does Stress Management Courses Work?

Stress is destructive!

We all need a stress counsellor who can help us with identifying and removing the stressors in our lives or at least bail you out of the current stressful situation. The stress doesn’t have very narrow types nor has it limited manifestation. Dr Karl Albrecht, defined four common types of stress in his 1979 book, "Stress and the Manager”. Around 46% of the workforce in Indian organisations suffers from some or the other forms of stress. An India Study 2016 showed that the total organisational productivity loss per year (because of absenteeism due to stress) adds up to approximately Rs 49.6 crore in the the IT/ITeS sector (for an organisation with an average employee base of 10,000). That figure was Rs 105.48 crore for the finance/banking sector (average employee base of 5,000). And for the travel and hospitality sector, it was Rs 10.5 crore (average employee base of 2,000). The ways stress shows up are also very wide-ranging. For many they manifest in the form of body ailment and for other it becomes a mental disorder. People go from mild stress to severe stress and also experience health problems arising out of stress. Some of the destructive ways in which stress can damage your body are –


is one such condition. In India, about 40% of the urban population is affected by hypertension.

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    Benefits of Endorphin Certification and Training

  • 1. Practical approach for implementation of the subject matter
  • 2. Hand-holding available for longer time
  • 3. Repeat full training as many times as wanted/ required
  • 4. University Certification available
  • 5. Entry into Premium level position on India’s only directory – Counsellors India
  • 6. Special highlight for Endorphin certified candidates on the platform
  • 7. Inputs for establishing your practice
  • 8. Guidance on finding worthwhile employment
  • 9. Displaying your profile on our website on “Certified Professionals” page
  • 10. Unique verification system with certificate number on website
  • 11. Support for authentication of your skills acquired with endorphin through mails/ calls
  • 12. Easy maintenance of certification
  • 13. Online exam at convenient time
  • 14. Internship opportunities

Source: India Today article 17 May 17

Read the full story published by India Today recently open the link:


When it takes shape of more severe mental problems, it causes anxiety, phobia, OCD and depression. In the most severe form, it leads to suicide. The statistics published by yourdost.com offers certain insights into mental health situation –


The corporate sector has all the reasons to worry! An Assocham study released in 2015 revealed that 42.5 percent of employees suffer from depression. This is an increase of 50% compared with the earlier surveys .This article in the business standard will give a comprehensive picture –


Another syrvey conducted across 8 cities of india is also revealing -



Watch this video which explains how mental health is perceived in India -

About the program -:

Endorphin Stress Management Coach Certification is a carefully crafted body of knowledge for the contemporary conditions of life. It deals with various aspects of mechanisms of stress and ways to deal with it.

The programme consists of:

  • 1. Classroom Training
  • 2. Theory Acquisition
  • 3. Assignment completion
  • 4. Practical Skill Development

Course Structure:

  • 1. Classroom Training: 2 Days
  • 2. Theory Acquisition and Practical Implementation : 28 Days
  • 3. Fees: ₹.36,000 + 18% GST  Introductory Offer : ₹.32,000 + GST

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Know Our Trainer

Debasmita Sinha
( Cognitive Behaviour Therapy )
Dr A Doris Greenwood
( Emotional Intelligence )
Ashish Khandekar
( Neurobiology of Stress )
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