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Peak Potential Program is for companies in service and manufacturing industry – small, medium and large, who want to make optimum use of the talent of its people.

The program makes appropriate diagnosis of each individual through scientific tools to understand and nurture his potential and direct it towards the common goal of that individual and the organisation. Workshop instills the efficient behavior and further interventions keep them on the track. Companies show a jump in productivity parameters after subscribing to this program.


The scientific world has done a great job by creating a lot of knowledge about learning and the rest of it has excelled it by ignoring this precious work. Get insight into neurological and psychological side of learning and make your teaching/ learning more efficient. This certification will enhance your resume if you are working as teacher, lecturer, professor, trainer or working in eLearning, Organisational Development, Counseling and Personality Development, Consulting and Learning & Development (L & D).


As one of the most widely recommended technique, CBT stands out as a robust framework for behavior modification. Understanding and implementing behavior change through the mechanics of mind is a must for any one working in the field of people interaction. For H.R., Trainers, Counselors, Coaches, Psychologists, Therapists and the likes, this is the most coveted certification. Click for various versions of Endorphin CBT training.


Break apart from the typical hierarchy of career choices! Many are still falling prey to Med-Engg-Science or CA-CS-MBA mindset. Running after popular streams of education is not only loss-making but also harmful in the long-term. At the end it creates an individual who is robbed of self esteem and happiness or sometimes, normal mind. Many have dissatisfaction or stunted development. All students after age 12 should undergo this career guidance. Coaching is also useful for working professionals.

One may also complete Endorphin Career Mentor Certification to become a career counselor for others.


The best a modern neuro-science can give in the area of understanding behaviors. Traditionally this was done through psychometric tests. However now we can get benefit of cutting edge research in understanding Brain & Behavior. This is used in Coaching, Mentoring, Recruitment, Team building, Organizational Culture, Leadership selection, Change management and others. One may also become a Brain Mapping Practitioner with an internationally valid certification.


This is a short duration workshop for institutions which offers its students a good insight into available job opportunities, suitability of the job profile and how to identify, pitch and prepare for a right job. An important part of understanding how to avoid mistakes and carve out a successful and great career right after the degree.


Educational Mentor is a certification focused on educational careers. Certified Educational Mentor will help students and professionals through their decision making process for career choice. Educational Mentor also handles career planning, self exploration, career change and professional development to a limited extent. Educational mentor does this with the help of her/ his training in personality science, psychometrics, aptitude, IQ & career decisions. S/he also knows different career options and has a good awareness of contemporary job opportunities in various fields.


A future or life planning and improvement tool. It uses scientific and traditional tools to predict personalities, interactions and events. One of the world’s best since it is the first ever in the world to combine psychology and scientific astrology to read the coherence between the traits and events. It is useful in making appropriate decisions about career, any change like profession, job, relation, location or education. It is also helpful in making critical dichotomous decisions like job Vs business; marriage Vs divorce; spending Vs investing, surgery Vs therapy and many others.

On the one extreme, FDP provides theories in learning and on the other it gives practical knowledge of various advancements in technology. Skills in ICT in educational technologies like adaptive learning, intelligent tutoring system, LMS, automated testing, Prezie, videos, psychometric tests and report interpretation are honed. Separate versions for School, MBA, Engineering and Degree colleges are offered.

Innovation and entrepreneurship capability program which instills creative thinking from well within our ability of linear thinking. Humans actually have no neurological disposition to think outside the box. So to find solutions out of nowhere, we need to use the same system everywhere. Training it to imagine differently needs serious work of thinking pattern modification. This program is for all those who want to take charge in this ever-changing world!.

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