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Lie Spotting! – Micro-emotions Practitioner Certification

If you are working in a corporate set-up and handling a team, you need to know who is honest with you. If, you are young and prospecting your life partner, you need to spot lie more than anyone else. And if, you are a person in a relationship or a married person with a family, you may use the art of liespotting in many constructive ways.

LieSpotting is an art and science of detecting lie from reading micro-emotions on the face while interacting with an individual. Lying is as old as the life itself! For this reason, it has become a subject of interest in several disciplines, including psychology. It has also been one of the few subjects of interest for common people as much as the Psychologists. The purpose of this training is to provide the basic training to know the techniques of spotting a lie.

This training makes extensive use of the literature and thinking to date about the evolution of lie detection techniques. The first part explores ancient methods recorded circa 1000 B.C. (e.g., God’s judgment in Europe). The second part describes technical methods based on sciences such as phrenology, polygraph and graphology.

This is followed by an outline of more modern-day approaches such as FACS (Facial Action Coding System), functional MRI, and Brain Fingerprinting. Finally, after the familiarization with the historical development of techniques for lie detection, we discuss the scope for new initiatives not only in the area of designing new methods, but also for the research into lie detection itself, such as its motives and regulatory issues related to deception.

So if you are the one who wants an edge over other in behavioural intelligence, come join the path of excellence with Endorphin Certifications.

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