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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

Do you feel you are working over time, have backache or experience pain in neck, shoulders or legs?

You may have been struck by EMOTIONAL PAIN!! Check and understand if you have more problems –

Emotional Intelligence to remove Emotional Pain

Emotional Intelligence to remove Emotional Pain

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

This is a certification program in Emotional Intelligence which will make you understand some discrete secrets of emotions which you never thought were so important in life. With this you can not only see yourself – your past decisions & actions, in a new light but also you can help others achieve better state of personal equilibrium. This may help you sort Relationship problems, Workplace problems, Performance issues and lead to self actualization. If you are attending the workshop for self improvement, assessment is not required.

This action packed program has 8 Unique Tools and 7 Exercises that are needed to be completed by the candidate. The kits of these tools and exercises are also provided to the candidates for using it on their clients. You may want to become practitioner and take certification assessment at the end of the workshop.


  • Help overcome anger
  • Understand the nature of emotions
  • Help overcome mental trauma
  • Know and Identify effects of internalized emotions
  • To make participant aware of what E.I. is and how to implement it with clients

Functional Details:

Program Dates:These courses happen on weekends. There are no fixed dates. The dates are decided in consultation with the participants after booking.

Workshop Duration: 10 AM to 6 PM.

Certification Process: Trainer’s Evaluation & Written Test.

Physical Take Away’s: Book, Workbook, 8 Tools, 7 Exercises.

Note: Break-fast, Lunch, Tea (Morning & Afternoon) included.

Program Fee : 12,000 Rs

Venue: "Shrigurunilayam", 2nd & 3rd Floor, S. No. 82/1/17, Behind Kapil Complex, Baner, Pune- 411 045.

Trainer Details:

Dr A Doris Greenwood is a passionate trainer who has trained more than 500 candidates in last 15 years. He is not only one of the best Emotional Intelligence coach in India but also is among the very few who have mastered behavior modification through practice not theory!

Dr A Doris Greenwood
Dr A Doris Greenwood
( Emotional Intelligence )

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