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EM – Educational Mentor – School Counsellor/ Career Counsellor Certification

Careers Counselling - Where will this course take you?

• Work in a school as a careers counselor

• Work with unemployed to help them fulfill their potential

• Work for a private employment agency

• Work in a government support agency

• Work in personal development - help people discover their life path

• Work in professional development

• Work in the HR department of a large companyCareers Counselling is an important service that can help clarify an individual's career goals, and the steps they will need to take to get there.The Certificate of Careers Counselling is a comprehensive course that can be applied to a number of different settings. This course provides you with options to specialize in an area that most interests you.

All these options can be available to you when you study a Certificate of Careers Counselling.

What is Involved in Providing Careers Guidance?

This is the process of helping a client identify the kind of work or field that most suits them.The basic question is "What vocation is this person most suited to?" The answers for this depend upon:

• What they enjoy doing

• What they are able to do

• What they want to contribute and to whom

• What they can and are willing to learn

• How much time and effort they are willing or able to commit to developing their vocation

• The current job-market and existing or anticipated need for their services.

While a client has come to you as an expert, your main role is to empower the client to make their own decisions. You will, of course, discuss decisions the client and help them understand the likely consequences of their decisions, but in the end, your job is to support their decision making and their decisions. Make sure that you are helping the client develop his or her goals, not what you think their goals should be.

Functional Details:

Program Dates: 16th & 17th September 17 .

Workshop Duration: 2 Full Days

Certification Process: Trainer's Evaluation & Written Test

Physical Take Away's: Book, Workbook.

Note: Break-fast, Lunch, Tea (Morning & Afternoon) included.

Program Fee : 12,000 Rs +18 % Taxes.

Venue: "Shrigurunilayam", 2nd & 3rd Floor, S. No. 82/1/17, Behind Kapil Complex, Baner, Pune- 411 045.

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