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Deepak Kashyap

Deepak kashyap

Deepak Kashyap is a counseling psychologist and a certified life-skills trainer. He is a published columnist in national newspapers and magazines, writing about issues related to sex, mental health, relationships, and emotional disturbances.
He also performs the role of counseling psychologist for several television chat shows and reality shows, having appeared on various national and international news channels, talk shows, and debates on television as well as on radio and in newspapers, discussing mental health and LGBT issues.
Deepak has worked with corporations as a Consultant and Master Trainer to help them develop workshops for life skills, self-esteem, beliefs and value-systems, soft skills, and personal counseling for employees. He has also conducted several seminars in colleges across India on topics ranging from critical thinking skills, self-esteem issues, sex education, and career development skills.
He practices Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and the narrative school of psychotherapy. His particular specialty is in combining the various psycho-therapeutic methods with the rational biocentric psychological approach based on the principles of the philosophy of Objectivism.
Deepak holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English (honors) and Psychology from University of Pune, India, and a Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Education from the University of Bristol, UK. He has been formally trained in REBT and CBT intensive psychotherapy programs from Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA.

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