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Counselling Psychology Course

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Counselling Psychology Course

Counselling Psychology Course

We focus on the following objectives by integrating it with simple practical knowledge. Activity based or application based action is central to this course.

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Program Details:
  • Duration: 90 Days
  • Instruction Pattern: Endorphin Instruction Design
  • Who should consider: Any Graduate
  • Our Trainer: Ms. Manisha Wahi
  • Next Opportunity of Admission: 20th Oct – 10 Nov 2021
  • Next Course Dates: 15th November 2021

Representative Course Modules (Not exhaustive)

    Module 1- Introduction to counselling
  • Role of a Counsellor
  • Boundaries of counselling theory and practice
  • Models & Stages of Counselling
  • Clinical Interviewing & Therapeutic Assessment
  • Children issues. Symptoms, Treatment and Counselling

    Module 2 – Testing and Assessments/Psychotherapies
  • Types of psychological test
  • The Psychodynamic & Person-centered approach
  • The Cognitive Behavioral approach
  • The Importance of Counselling Supervision
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy Case Studies

Counselling Psychology is a broad specialization within professional psychology that helps people with emotional and mental health issues. It helps to improve their sense of well-being and alleviate feelings of distress.

Counselling Psychology as a profession has expanded and is now represented in numerous countries around the world.

Counseling psychology is a psychological specialty that includes various kinds of counseling.

It involves many tasks like counseling process, outcome, supervision and training. A different specialization in counseling also deals with career development and counseling and prevention and health. After completion of this course one can acquire skills to become a counselor and can help various kinds of clients having psychological issues. At this level, it does not offer any specialty skills within psychological counseling.

Event details -
Basic Counselling Psychology Course
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Start 20th Oct – 10 Nov 2021
Weekend Classes IST

    Benefits of Endorphin Certification and Training

  • Practical approach for implementation of the subject matter
  • Hand-holding available for longer time
  • Repeat full training as many times as wanted/ required
  • University Certification available
  • Entry into Premium level position on India’s only directory – Counsellors India
  • Special highlight for Endorphin certified candidates on the platform
  • Inputs for establishing your practice
  • Guidance on finding worthwhile employment
  • Displaying your profile on our website on “Certified Professionals” page
  • Unique verification system with certificate number on website
  • Support for authentication of your skills acquired with endorphin through mails/ calls
  • Easy maintenance of certification
  • Online exam at convenient time
  • Internship opportunities