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Certified Professionals

Anuradha Khot (CCBTP – L1):

Anuradha Khot is a Freelance Hospitality trainer & Housekeeping consultant. Her specialties are: Hospitality housekeeping, Hospitality education, Soft skills training. Her Projects:
National Institute of Open Schooling; Attended a series of workshops on development of elearning content for hospitality housekeeping; Oxford University Press – Reviewed a book on hospitality housekeeping; Developed question bank for on-line resource. Associated with Symbiosis Institute of Technology.

Tamanna Naik (CCBTP – L1):

Tamanna is a soft skills trainer. She has an experience of working with large organisations like Accenture and others. She is passionate about understanding behavior and its causes.

Dr. Mahesh Verma (CCBTP – L1):

Dr. Mahesh is an eLearning expert and a technology entrepreneur. He has more than 12 years of experience in Animation and eLearning. His doctoral research subject is Stress Management in Animation Industry in India. Visit his company website – www.eduindia.org for more information.

Amit Chilka (CCBTP – L1):

Amit is a consummate professional with engineering background and Human Resource experience with large organisations with over 10000 employees. He has a rich experience of Innovation Capability Building and Management with Cognizant, Pune. He is a certified international coach and Entrepreneurship consultant.

Kalpana Patwardhan (Educational Mentor):

Kalpana is a psychologist who has a proven track record as she is among the top students in the University of Pune. She has an extensive experience in running Assessment Center and a keen observer of human actions. She is associated as a consultant with companies like Mahindra & Mahindra in India and some others in the U.K.

Bageshree Dongre (CCBTP – L1):

Bageshree is an H.R. & O.D. professional. She has been in the training for last few years and currently associated with a training company specializing in Managerial and IT corporate training.

Prigi Benger (CCBTP – L1):

Prigi is an O.D. professional with Technova India and displays excellent professional skills. She is skilled with CBT and uses it in her everyday life.

Neelkanth Mehta (CCBTP – L1):

Neelkanth is the head of the Customer Care department at Technova and has a close connection with CBT practice.

Zia Alam (CCBTP – L1):

Zia is educated in economics and MBA HRD. He is a founder and director with Whiteboard consulting. He comes with long experience of 17 years in corporate life. His areas of interest include Executive Coaching, Talent Development, Cultural Transition, Leadership development, Instructional Design & Delivery. He is also certified in MBTI & Train the Trainer program.

Abhay Kasture (CCBTP – L1):

As a head of marketing dept., Abhay has a rich variety of experience and deals with people management with exceptional proficiency.

Somnath Sanganeria (CCBTP – L1):

Somnath has a vast experience in training and he is a co-founder of Whiteboard Consulting. His education is MBA (HRD) & B.Com. He is certified in MBTI, Train The Trainer & ISO. He has over 16 years of experience as an Human Resource professional. Areas of Interest include Personal Counseling, Coaching, Self Awareness, Talent Development.

Ameya Deshpande (Educational Mentor):

Ameya works extensively with college students in his role of a faculty. He has also put in considerable time and effort in understanding competitive exams and he continues to help his students with this insight.

Sukanya Biswas (CCBTP – L1):

A psychologist with a flair for counseling! She has been handling Career counseling for multiple years and want to specialize in human behavior.

Anna Sebastian (CCBTP – L1):

A Research professional with an interest in Cognitive Behavior.

Shalini Prakash (CCBTP – L1):

Shalini is a Psychlogy student with a great mount of interest in Cognitive Behaviour and she aspires to become CBT practitioner with the ardent skills.

Rhujuta Belsare (CCBTP – L1):

She has completed her M.Sc. (Electronics) from Ferguson College and MBA (HR) from Pune University. She has around 6 years of work experience in IT and Manufacturing sector as a HR professional. Her core work area is Strategic HR and Organisational Development.
Apart from this, She has worked with some NGOs in the sector of ‘Education and Skill Development’. Now, She works for her own Start-Up named ‘Career Maverick Training and Research Centre’, where she works with High School and College Students for their Stress and Career related issues. She works on ‘No Profit-No Loss’ basis.

Rajashree Rathod

[Assessment Pending]

Annie Daniel (CCBTP – L1):

Annie Daniel is a junior college teacher with 27+ years of experience and is basically interested in the areas of developing skills for motivation and mentor-ship of students.

Sukanya Biswas

Sukanya Biswas

Sukanya Biswas is Highly skilled and dedicated mental health professional with demonstrated success in providing exceptional care and implementing effective psychotherapies, with special interest in child and adolescent.

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Yati Shah

Yati Shah

Yati has a rich experience of 15 years of working in various special areas like child development. In the past she has been associated with Light House (Mumnai); Mind Temple; Train the Brain Center; K.E.M. Hospital and others.

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