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CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Techniques are derived from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Techniques) and are intended to make behavior healthier for overall individual development.

People often experience thoughts or feelings that reinforce or compound faulty beliefs. Such beliefs can result in problematic behaviors that can affect numerous life areas, including family, romantic relationships, work, and academics. One of the most effective and scientifically proven technique to modify unwanted behavior is CBT. It is based on the idea that the way we think about situations can affect the way we feel and behave. Until now, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Techniques) (CBT) was a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helped patients understand the thoughts and feelings that influenced their behaviors. It has been commonly used to treat a wide range of disorders including phobias, addictions, depression, and anxiety.

However, Endorphin has taken an innovative approach to bring powerful techniques of CBT to help people achieve self actualization. These techniques make people aware of their thoughts and feelings and enable them to make effective use of the state they are in. This helps them deal with their own past and present.

CBT is also empirically supported and has been shown to effectively help patients overcome a wide variety of maladaptive behaviors. It is important to note that CBT does not just involve identifying the faulty thought patterns; it is focused on using a wide range of strategies to help clients overcome these thoughts. Such strategies may include journaling, role-playing, relaxation techniques, and mental distractions.

Endorphin has following versions of CBT Programs -

Certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Technique Practitioner (CCBTP  Level 1 - Workshop)

Certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Techniques) Practitioner (CCBTP Level 2 - Workshop)

CBT for working professionals (Workshop)

Certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Technique) Practitioner (CCBTP  Level 1 - Online)

Certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Technique) Practitioner (CCBTP Level 2 - Online)

CBT for working professionals (Online)


About the trainer:

Debasmita Sinha is a Master Trainer certified by the pioneers of CBT - Beck Institute (U.S.). She has an experience of working with about a hundred individuals for behaviour calibration through CBT. In the past she has been associated with the reputed organisations like the Indian Air Force, Govt. Regional Mental Hospital, SNDT Women's University and Gallagher Operations Support Services Pvt.  Ltd.

Follow the link to visit her detailed profile on LinkedIn -
Debasmita Sinha Profile
There is a COMBINATION THERAPY TRAINING which can be  availed in the form of CBT + EFT. Please call us for more details.

CLICK HERE to view details of 'EFT Practitioner' training program.

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