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Aditya Chopra


Aditya Chopra (Adi) is a Keynote and a Motivational speaker, as well as leadership coach to some of the major corporates. He creates “Deep Realization” thinking process during his session. Which are linked with Business output and results. He speaks on topics such as Boosting Business Results, Creativity, Sales, Communication, Confidence Development, Embracing Change, Goal Achievement, Fostering a Winning Culture, Leadership and Motivation
Aditya became speaker at a very young age, and his expertise and charismatic personality have earned him a reputation as a Life Coach quite early on. He has conducted programs across India, the USA,UK, UAE and Singapore, and worked with a wide range of professionals looking to reach their full potential, from University students to CEOs, and even members of Governments.


1. Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer
2. Coaching Clinic (Colorado, USA) – Corporate Skills Coaching
3.Leadership Management Skills (Spencer Johnson)
4. Executive Coaching Skills (McQuaig Institute USA)
5. OutBound Experiential Learning (OEL)
6. Tri-Matrix Behavioural Analyst (DISC Profile)
7. Who Moved my Cheese” Spencer Johnson Partner
8.ISABS (Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science)
9. J.D. Power Customer Service
10. Selling Skills – Zig Ziegler
11. Ann Cook American Voice & Accent Certified

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