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Dr. Prashant S. Duraphe

Dr. Prashant S. Duraphe

Dr. Prashant S. Duraphe is a Ph.D. in Cell biology from Wuerzburg University, Germany.
A prominent contributor to the emerging science of chronobiology, he is a Life Member of the Indian Society for Chronobiology.

Certified in Medical Genetics and Genetic Counseling he has a deep insight in various behavioural and hereditary issues. He is also certified in Good Clinical Practice.

Previous Molecular diagnostic laboratory in-charge at Ruby Hall Clinic, he is now a member of Institutional Ethics Committee at Moraya Multispecialty Hospital, Chinchwad & Cochlea. Cochlea Pune, is a registered charitable trust. It is working in the field of Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired for Hearing and Speech.

A previous post-doctoral research associate at Indian Institute of Science Education & Research ( IISER), is also a Clinical Research consultant at Cochlea, Pune which is a Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) recognized research organization. His research work has a Pending Patent with Savitribai Phule Pune University for Prototype development of nasal sensor for neurodegenerative disease diagnosis at Design Innovation Centre.

Dr. Prashant Duraphe has initiated an Institute of Chronobiology Education & Research (ICER) in Pune in 2016 to promote education and research in human chronobiology. There are very few laboratories in India solely working in this field. ICER conducts various academic programs in chronobiology for post graduate students. ICER in collaboration with Late Prin. B. V. Bhide Foundation conducts a lifestyle management workshop by the name 'It's time to tune your ChronoPrakriti' which provides recommendations based on combination of chronobiology and Ayurved principles for healthy lifestyle.

To his credit, he has Presentations at International Conferences & Publications in Refereed Journals.
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